To be a dynamic and caring organization that inspires positive action and enables individuals and communities to help themselves with love, respect and cooperation in our society. 


Nepalese Society, Singapore works for the social, cultural and economic development, and integration of Nepalese people with the norms and values of Singapore.


In every aspect of what we do we demonstrate excellence, integrity, respect, responsive, courage and impact.


  • To promote and organize social, recreational, sport, welfare, cultural, and community-based activities for the members of the Society, and the Nepalese community in Singapore.

  • To promote, enhance and assist in the preservation and fostering of human relationship, bonding and understanding among members and the Nepalese community in Singapore.

  • To act as a source of information exchange (including the collection and dissemination of commercial statistics and information on trade, commerce, health, education and technology) among members and to provide the platform for contact with such similar organizations in Singapore and overseas with the view to create business opportunities for members of the Society.

  • To represent the Nepalese community of Singapore as the “Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN)” in the Nepalese diasporas

  • To subscribe to charitable and community activities, and to raise funds for the Society and victims of natural disasters, needy and the less fortunate.

  • To provide facilities/ opportunities for the development of business synergies and communication networks among the members, the Nepalese community and other communities in Singapore and Nepal.

  • To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise property of any tenure or description whatsoever in the Republic of Singapore or elsewhere and to make use of any such property for any purpose connected with the foregoing objects of the Society including leasing out or selling on any terms, part or parts of any such property for any purpose which shall be beneficial to the Society and its members.