Who we are? – a brief history 

Since 1994, Singapore Nepalese diaspora community was involved and engaged in organising the meetups and sharing session with fellow Nepalese during the festival occasion to celebrate, exchange greetings and network each other. During the meetup, the notable members of this pioneer generation Nepalese diaspora community share and discuss the challenge, the opportunity to officially register the community with the statutory board or regulatory board of Singapore, Registry of Society. 

In the year 2007, the Nepalese diaspora community finally successful in registering “Nepalese Society” with the help of all pioneer and esteemed community members. It is the only registered Nepalese diaspora grassroots community organizations which represent Non-resident Nepalese Association till today.   

Over the period, Nepalese Society, Singapore (NRNA – Singapore) successfully partnered several local events in partnering with Singapore government, local statutory boards,  non-governmental organizations, universities, and other grassroots community organizations by sharing Nepal’s culture, tradition, music, food, and Nepal at large.

Apart from locally, Nepalese Society has been partnering and working with Nepal embassy – Thailand, Nepal Consulate Singapore, Ministry of foreign affairs, Nepal and NRNA central to promote Nepal (culture, business, tradition, tourism etc) in Singapore and in the regions with wider exposure to members and community. In the year 2007, NRNA-Singapore successfully hosted NRNA Asia Pacific regional summit with presence of pioneer founders, regional and country-specific members of NRNA globally. Nepalese Society has been actively participating in all Nepalese and other diaspore forums and event in the region, in Nepal and globally with the notable and valuable contribution in sharing “What about, How about, Where about?” Nepalese diaspora community in Singapore.

In the process for these 11 years of time, many Nepalese diaspora living, working & doing business in Singapore in different capacities have served the community by undertaking the various roles in the executive committee. There has been numerous valuable and notable contribution made by past executives over these periods of time.

Many executives representing Singapore as an international coordinator have contributed significantly and played a valuable role in integrating Singapore Nepalese diaspora with the rest of the world by facilitating, communicating and coordinating various programs, event and forums.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Objectives