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Nepal is known for her richness, cultural diversities and traditions globally with other communities around the world. Nepal’s 123 spoken languages by more than 90 over ethnic communities are heritage. Nepalese diaspora community celebrates their feasts, festivals, and traditions wherever they travel, migrate and live. On occasions, in Singapore, we community members assemble and celebrate these rich traditions and we share with friends from other communities. Join us ...


Nepal is known for her rich culture and traditions globally with other communities around the world. Nepal’s 123 spoken languages by more than 125 over ethnic groups and communities are living heritage. We celebrate our culture, festivals, and traditions wherever we travel, migrate and live. In Singapore, we organize our major culture and festival celebration programs and events with our community members and friends. Each year we organize Nepalese New Year (नयाँ बर्ष), Dasain (दशैं), Tihar (तिहार), Chatt (छट्), Teej (तिज). Join us ...


We organize various types of meet-up events with several personalities from government, non-government, private and other sectors organizations. The personalities include officials and leaders from Nepal, Singapore and around the world. We take this meetup opportunity as a platform to let them share their expertise, experience, insights, views, and thoughts on the various socio-economic plane with our member and friends. We love to see you in our next such events. Join us ...

Sports & Recreations

Our members and friends of the society formed various sports and recreational groups such as Bikers Club, Badminton Club, Dancers Club, NSS Futsal Club, Walkers & Runners Club. The core value of such group activities is to foster a healthy lifestyle, bonding, and friendship among members and with other communities. If you would like to be part of such groups, join us to our next event. We will regularly post information on such events on our facebook, do check it regularly. See you at the next event.

Nepali Language Courses

With an aim to provide Nepali language foundation skill, we have developed a Basic Nepali Language training course. The course is designed for any age group who is interested to learn fundamental of Nepali language. This course comprises of below introductory language skill set.

Speaking – Course Level 01
Writing – Course Level 01
Reading – Course Level 01

Community & Social Projects

Nepalese Society has been undertaking various supporting roles in humanitarian projects as an when or on required basis. This is primarily to be a part of the larger society and help needy in difficult times and on the humanitarian ground. In April 2015 the killer massive earthquake shook Nepal and devasted the livelihood. Nepalese society helped to coordinate various humanitarian organizations & teams to reach to the ground zero with much-needed relief support from Singapore.

Nepal Earth Quake 2015 – Relief Project
Five School Rebuilding in Nepal

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Can I be the member of Nepalese Society?

Yes, why not? Our community organization is member based. All our event’s and activities are volunteer-based. We welcome all friends and encourage to a be part of our society.
What types of member option available?

We have various types of membership as below;
(a) Honorary Member
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Since 1994, Singapore Nepalese diaspora community was involved and engaged in organising the meetups and sharing session with fellow Nepalese during the festival occasion to celebrate, exchange greetings and network each other. During the meetup, the notable members of this pioneer generation Nepalese diaspora community share and discuss the challenge, the opportunity to officially register the community with the statutory board or regulatory board of Singapore such as Registry of Society, Singapore. In the year 2007, the Nepalese diaspora community finally successful in registering “Nepalese Society” with the help of all pioneer and esteemed community members. It is the only registered Nepalese diaspora grassroots community organizations which represent Non-resident Nepalese Association till today.    Over the period, Nepalese Society, Singapore (NRNA – Singapore) successfully partnered several local events in partnering with Singapore government, local statutory boards,  non-governmental organizations, universities, and other grassroots community organizations by sharing Nepal’s culture, tradition, music, food, and Nepal at large. Apart from locally, Nepalese Society has been partnering and working with Nepal embassy – Thailand, Nepal Consulate Singapore, Ministry of foreign affairs, Nepal and NRNA central to promote Nepal (culture, business, tradition, tourism etc) in Singapore and in the regions with wider exposure to members and community. In the year 2007, NRNA-Singapore successfully hosted NRNA Asia Pacific regional summit with presence of pioneer founders, regional and country-specific members of NRNA globally. NRNA Singapore has been actively participating in all NRNA forums in the region, in Nepal and globally with the notable and valuable contribution in sharing “What about, How about, Where about?” Nepalese diaspora community in Singapore. In the process for these 11 years of time, many Nepalese diaspora living, working & doing business in Singapore in different capacities have served the community by undertaking the various roles in National Coordination Council Executive Committee. There has been numerous valuable and notable contribution made by past executives over these periods of time. Many ICC executives representing Singapore have contributed significantly and played a valuable role in integrating Singapore Nepalese diaspora with the rest of the world by facilitating, communicating and coordinating various programs.


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