Can I be a member of Nepalese Society? 

Yes, why not? Our community organization is member based. All our event’s and activities are volunteer-based. We welcome all friends and encourage to be part of our society.

What types of member option available? 

We have various categories of membership outline as below; 

(a) Honorary Members

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Management Committee on any Nepalese or Non-Nepalese who (a) must be resident in Singapore or qualified as Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, (b) is of outstanding personality and integrity, and (c) has made the extraordinary contribution to the Society. The term of an Honorary Member shall be decided by the Management Committee but shall be limited to a period of 2 years.

(b) Ordinary Members

Ordinary Membership shall be open to (a) Ethnic Nepalese with Singapore Citizenship, (b) Nepalese Citizen with Singapore Permanent Residency, and (c) Citizens of Nepal who are residents in Singapore with valid authorized pass (such as employment pass (EP), dependent pass (DP), student pass (SP), etc).

(c) Associate Members

Associate Membership shall be open to all Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents irrespective of race or ethnic group and to Ethnic Nepalese with valid authorized pass (such as employment pass, dependent pass, student pass).

(d) Corporate Member

Corporate Membership shall be open to all registered organizations in Singapore who wish to contribute to the Nepalese Society. The registered representative of the Corporate Member must be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or a resident in Singapore with valid authorized pass (such as employment pass).

Do I need to pay to become a member? 

We have a nominal S$20 yearly membership fee for ordinary and associate members and $10 application fee (first one time). For other corporate and associate membership option, kindly contact us.

Membership Rules

  1. Persons working in any diplomatic mission are excluded from Ordinary Membership.
  2. No person above 18 and below 21 years of age shall be accepted as a member without the written consent of his/her parents or guardians
  3. Only members, who are 21 years of age, excluding Honorary, Associate or Corporate members, members, have rights to vote or to hold office in the society.
  4. Persons below 18 years of age shall not be granted membership. 

Membership Benefits 

  1. Members will have exclusive invitations to take part in cultural, sports, meetup event organized or partnered by society.   
  2. Ordinary members will have an opportunity to be a part of an executive team to share, contribute and learn further.
  3. For any paid events organized by Nepalese Society or partnered, our members will have a discounted price.
  4. Members will have exclusive networking opportunities with fellow community members or other members of society.
  5. Members will be given an opportunity to volunteer in Singapore whenever there are opportunities.
  6. In the future, we have plans to provide a discount to dine at Nepalese restaurants.

Please download our membership application form and send us the completed form at or